Kevin Kennedy


Kevin Kennedy began training with European masters as a young lad of 17.  For 30 years, he has been an Upholsterer for countless Boston area designers and leading art restorers, including consulting with and heading the upholstery department at Trefler and Sons, in Newton, MA.  Commissioned to upholster Napoleon's chair, and guest writer to the Upholstery Journal. Kevin is also the author of a basic upholstery book, self-published and for sale in the shop. An expert in vocational rehabilitation through the art of upholstery, Kevin taught at Restoration Project in West Concord, MA and served on their board for many years. In addition, Kevin is an amateur historian, currently co-authoring a novel on the post-American revolution. He and his wife, Beth, and son, Patrick, live in Sudbury.

Pamela Powell

Fabric Expert

Pamela Powell did her first upholstering in 7th grade at Arlington Junior High East with Mr. Carey, when she built an upholstered footstool. She was one of the first girls in Arlington who was allowed to take 'Shop' as opposed to 'Home Ec.'  Pamela is a strong believer in experiential education and loves teaching. She grew up in Arlington from the age of 4, has worked as a deckhand, 1st mate, and captain on ferry boats in Boston Harbor and beyond, sailed in the Caribbean, working on charter yachts as cook and crew, taught seamanship for Outward Bound, in Maine, Maryland, Florida, Boston Harbor and Puget Sound, wrote, The Turtle Watchers, a children's novel that was published by Viking Press, taught English in Prague, Czechoslovakia, delivered mail as a postal carrier, taught writing to all ages, including as an author in schools all over the U.S. She has a B.A. from Goddard College, a MA degree in Education from UMASS Boston, and completed a three year training at The Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA. She has two fabulous children, Foster and Lydia. Lydia attends the Ottoson Middle School and Foster now attends Bennington College. Pamela lives with her life partner, Eric Deane in Arlington.


Patrick Kennedy

Social Media Manager

Kevin’s son, Patrick Kennedy handles tech work at the shop. Including web design, operation of social media outlets as well as photography and video directing on the upholstery on broadway youtube channel.




Mikayla Dows

Art Director

My name is Mikayla. I have been drawing and creating things since I was very young. My mom always said she knew I would grow to be an artist as soon as she saw I had drawn the cover of The Lion King soundtrack to near perfection. I love to travel and take photos of all things natural. Digital photography is another passion of mine. Before college, I struggled with the decision of choosing between photography and illustration as my major, but I am glad to have chosen illustration, which i am currently studying at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Here at Upholstery on Broadway i apply my art expertise to a variety of things going on here to the shop. From logos, to advertisements whatever needs an artists touch i am here to help!

Bernice King

Bernice King has been making high end custom window treatments and slipcovers for over 20 years and is an experienced teacher as well. She has taught slipcover making at the annual Slipcover Summit, a national gathering of slipcover tradespeople, for the past 7 years.  Bernice occasionallyl offers a 'Know your own sewing machine' class' as well as a chair and bench cushion class, and beginner and advanced slipcover making.  Future home decorating classes may include pillows, Roman shades, bedding and bed skirts, and window treatments.