Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own fabric?

Some Upholstery Shops charge a ‘cutting fee’ for C.O.M.’s or Customer’s Own Material. Thus far we have not done this, however we strongly encourage our customers to consider the fabric they are choosing as they are making an investment in reupholstering and therefore the fabric should be the right one for the job.

Why not bargain fabrics?

In today’s fabric manufacturing it is often difficult to know what you are buying, especially with ‘bargain’ fabrics. We source our fabrics from reputable companies (Kravet, Lee Jofa, and Folia/Ralph Lauren) because we feel confident that these companies provide information about abrasion rating and stain resistance and that if we have any problem with their fabrics they will work to resolve it. In some cases fabrics are manufactured using the same pattern numbers but not the same ingredients. They may be manufactured overseas with different regulations than in the USA. It is often hard to know. Also, unbeknownst to many, fabrics have a shelf life. They lose freshness, can become wrinkled or creased or tear more easily when they are old. They can also fade in color.

How can I support local business in Arlington?

We encourage people to buy fabric from us because we want them to support small business, our business. We are alive and well in Arlington because we have a couple of income streams. One of them is selling fabric. We are always happy to advise and educate our customers about abrasion rating, railroading of fabric, which fabrics are appropriate for a given job, color, UV resistance, etc. Pamela has a very good design sense and is happy to share her expertise with you. You can borrow sample books though we ask that you return them in a timely fashion. Please remember that the time we spend consulting with you, is time that we are not charging you for. We appreciate your business.

What makes Upholstery on Broadway different?

We pride ourselves on personal interaction with our customers and hope that you will leave feeling satisfied and ready to recommend our business.