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Exactly what we need out of a small local  business

February 19th 2018

Exactly what we need out of a small local business. Quality, reliability and integrity.
So nice to get honest feedback and superb craftsmanship. Lucky to have him in Arlington.
— Robert K



Such a great experience!

March 25th 2017

 Kevin and Pamela are super nice, personable, and professional.  Kevin knew exactly what was up with my couch cushion immediately (there were weird lumps for a new couch).  He had a look, explained what was up, and fixed it quickly.  Amazing customer service!  I'll definitely be back!


November 27th 2015

The ottoman you reupholstered for me beautifully compliments my furniture and living room decor. My husband uses it daily to rest his recently operated TKR. Sincere thanks!
— Mary Fimiani

Another Satisfied Customer

October 7th 2015

The sofa is beautiful. Thanks for the great work and in meeting the movers.
— John Burley

Pamela and Kevin,

Just wanted to thank you both for accommodating our date of pickup for our aunt last week, and for the great job on the first chair and small stool. It’s great to finally have that stool structurally sound, functioning better and looking sharp - the same goes for Nancy’s chair. Last Thursday was a day of many changes for our aunt; you should know it was this one change that stood out as a success for her. She was just delighted with her “new” chair.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with good and talented people, many thanks, and we wish you the best with those elders you are clearly also caring for as well —

Thank you,
— Lori + Mark Roux

Satisfied Student

May 5th, 2015


I’m really happy to have these two chairs now with proper seats. The one on the right is from today and is a little less poofy, but supportive and comfy. I’ll continue with the other two and then see what happens from there - finding the other chairs or working on the setee. The latter is less pressing.

Thanks for your help and Kevin’s too!
— Customer

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.31.05 PM.png
Hi Pamela and Kevin,
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class. The two of you really have it figured out!!! Everything was just great, from the warm and inviting atmosphere, to the clarity of the individualized instruction. I really appreciated your kindness and encouragement. Thanks for a great first upholstery class!
— Larry

I finished the foot stool I started at the end of class. I really enjoyed the class and learned so much!
— Student

The couch is gorgeous! Kevin did a great job. Thank you and Please let him know we love it!
— Customer

Dear Pamela and Kevin

I just got home from a long awful day at work and found the beautifully upholstered chair calmly waiting for me.

I don’t know how to tell you how handsome I think it is and how happy it makes me to see the beat up, faithful old chair that got me through long hours of reading in graduate school looking so dapper and ready to start a new life. The fabric is stunning and you have somehow managed to get all the lines going in the right directions. I think I will leave it in the middle of the living room as an work of art.

What can I upholster next? The dining room table perhaps? The couch and ottoman that you did before were absolutely wonderful but this chair is life altering!!!!!

Maybe you can tell how pleased I am

— Customer

You guys did a wonderful job, I’m very excited about my chairs. They look brand new. And the color is fantastic. Thanks!
— Customer

Dear Pamela and Kevin,
Mario dropped off our Stickley dining room chairs today. They are no longer wobbly, have been nicely oiled, and the recovered seats fit perfectly without putting pressure on the joints. We are so grateful to you for recommending him to us as he did a terrific job, on top of which he is such a lovely fellow.

Below are pics of the Stickley chair and the pair of mid-century chairs that you showed me how to recover. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy being in your classes and am totally, happily surprised by the results!

I hope to return to Upholstry on Broadway after our move to Wayland and the discovery of a new mid century something.

For now, thank you and happy summer
— Nancy

I am so pleased with my completed chair, and so happy that I took the upholstery class offered by Pamela and Kevin. After a few Saturday mornings spent dismantling my chair, it was a great accomplishment to finally get to the base of it and to see its true potential. Kevin and Pamela were so helpful throughout the process, and I learned so much during our sessions. I truly learned the importance of measuring twice and cutting once, taking lots of pictures as the project progressed and the craft of blind sewing. Time well spent and so very happy with the outcome. Actually feeling confident enough to tackle my next upholstery project on my own, but happy to know that Pamela and Kevin are not too far away if I get truly stuck.
Thanks again to Kevin and Pamela (and to Upholstery on Broadway magical elves)
— Sonia Brady


January 06, 2014

A pleased customer at an architectural firm loved the cushions we made for her office: "We use them all the time and in this wintry weather, I love sitting on a cushion to change in and out of my boots. They’re coveted and we’ve had to manage cushion hording in some areas of the office, so I’m delighted that [we] ordered more."

Biscuit Tufting!

July 15, 2012

Hi Pam and Kevin,

Here is a picture of the finished ottoman. I decided to go with oversized nailheads. It was challenging but I think it came out alright for my first time. The classes on Saturday mornings were a lot of fun and hard work. I learned and accomplished a lot in 4 weeks thanks to your expertise, knowledge and patience.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to your classes this fall.

— Carol A.K.A. "Biscuit Tufting"

“For those looking for upholstery services, check out Upholstery on Broadway. I just had a 50 year old chair, (the last time it was reupholstered was in 1986, a few cats ago) reupholstered by them, and could not be happier with the outcome. Great fabric selection, advice and consultation, and a beautiful result. Turnaround in less than 3 weeks! Pamela Powell and Kevin Kennedy are both knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, and provide great service.”
— Laurie Everett

Leslie's Class testimonial!

November 14, 2011

"Months ago I bought this chair. It had good bones, but gross everything else. I got it so that I could re-upholster it. The chair was in pretty terrible shape. It was not padded correctly, and the person who had upholstered it before me took a lot of shortcuts.

While I was taking it apart I realized that the ugly yellow and brown tweed fabric was masking the original hideous green upholstery underneath.

Hidden within the fabric I found such gems as: Mike's Hard Lemonade labels, some cardboard from a Schlitz beer package, several greasy pennies, and loose tacks. It's like this chair wanted to give me tetanus.

After I picked out my pretty red velvety fabric to replace the musty old moldy-green color, I was on my way.

Many, MANY weeks went by as I worked to make this chair as sleek and modern-ly beautiful as I knew it could be.

I hammered in endless tacks and I did lots of hand-sewing and I smoothed and measured and smoothed again.

— Leslie

Student & Client testimonials 2010


“Many years ago I inherited an old Louis XV Bergere style bedroom chair from my grandmother. It had sat neglected and worn out in her basement for ages. But this chair had amazing lines. I always said it would be worth re-upholstering this chair someday to its original grandeur.

For Christmas this year, my mom bought me an 8 session upholstery course at Upholstery on Broadway. At first, I was a little intimidated; I wanted to restore the chair, but liked it more as a pipe dream than reality. I felt if I took on this project and failed to make it look like the original, I’d have wasted a great opportunity.

But Pamela and Kevin at Upholstery on Broadway are an amazing duo. They really made me believe that, not only could the chair be restored, but that I would be able to do it.

Kevin has a depth of knowledge in the upholstery field that is amazing. But even more important, he is a great teacher. He is able to let you learn the right way to think about form, fabric, cut , and control at every step of the project. He does not tell you what to do next as much as he asks you what you think. In this way he gets you really to think about what you are doing in the process. This method definitely ingrains the learning process better than if he just instructed me on the next step. His goal was to make us visualize the finished product and then cut back layer by layer to the steps that would get you there. His encouragement and enthusiasm show a real love for the business. I remember how excited he was to discover the unusual backing to my chair. The minute he saw it, he recognized the challenge it presented in the reupholstering process. But he never approached it as a problem but an exciting alternative opportunity to learn something out of the norm.

And this is how he ran his classes. He would often gather us around a particular chair to demonstrate, for the group, a process that we may or may not encounter in our own project. By doing so, though, we were learning more than just restoring our chair; we were learning the art of upholstering. And it is an art far more than a science. The frame of the chair, the padding, the fabrics, and the trim all combine to create a one of a kind result. There was less a rule book than it was to listen to what your chair was telling you to do. And suddenly it makes a lot of sense.

Pamela is the cheerleader of the program. She gives great advice, but more, she gives great encouragement. Her enthusiasm, like Kevin’s is what makes these classes so enjoyable. I would be waiting all week for Saturday morning to come so I could get back to my project. Pamela also has a great eye for fabric choices. She helped me to select just the right color and pattern for my chair. She also helped me to work the gimp trim and glue gun for the best results.

In the end, I have this incredible chair that came out so well, that it now sits proudly in my living room rather than hidden in my bedroom.

If you have wanted to try your hand at re-upholstering, but were just a little intimidated, taking a class with Kevin and Pamela will definitely expand your horizons and feed your ego. You will be amazed at the results they will help you achieve.”
— Chuck Luca, Medford
“There’s a new business in town, Upholstery on Broadway, owners Kevin
Kennedy and Pamela Powell. They do wonderful work — I had a settee
re-upholstered recently — it looks fabulous. I’m also taking a class
at their storefront on Broadway, learning a lot and having great fun as
— Anne Beard, Arlington
“In the last few years, I have been refinishing old furniture- staining, painting and general fixing up. I write about it on a blog called Temporary Nest. But with a history in fashion design, I kept drifting towards wanting to work with textiles more. When I finally found Upholstery On Broadway, I jumped at the chance to start a new trade and immediately signed up for a class. I started my class thinking that it would be a fun hobby with a fabulous finished product. When I told my readers that I signed up they all wanted to know how it was going. So, I started writing about it every single week. Now, those posts are the most widely discussed and viewed posts that I write!

Sad to see my first round of classmates and new found friends go, I am already on my second class making new friends, and planning on taking a third! I am officially hooked on upholstery! Pamela and Kevin are such superb teachers and allow you to truly understand your piece and its history, as well as the mechanics of restoring and reupholstering. They are incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and welcoming to all and will ensure that every person walks away from class with a boast-worthy piece.”
— Gina Alterio ,Arlington
“I’d been interested in the fiber arts for a long time and had wanted to learn the art of upholstery for years. Extensive research turned up nothing in the area, until Kevin Kennedy’s class popped up in 2009. After a year in Kevin’s classes, I’ve come to regard upholstery as not just an art form and a skill, but also as a form of meditative relaxation that’s become integral to my mental health. Kevin is an amazing teacher and thanks to his patience and unique ability to make complex skills appear easy, the most beautifully upholstered antique wing chair (done up in bright red, an antithesis to its staid, structured form), now has a prominent place in my family room. Simply put, it’s stunning and I still can’t believe that it’s a product of my own making. I hope to be Kevin’s student for as long as he’ll have me; Kevin is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, fun and funny, and every class is a lesson in history, design, the fiber arts, mathematics, structure, and balance. If you have any interest in learning how to upholster furniture, I can’t imagine a better, more engaging teacher than Kevin.”
— Bonnie Polakoff ,Concord
“Kevin Kennedy is not only an expert upholsterer who is unfazed by any piece of furniture or fabric that come together in his shop. Kevin is a wonderfully patient teacher who conveys the complexities of his craft to beginner and more advanced students with good humor and clear instruction. It’s a pleasure to take Kevin and Pamela’s classes!”
— Carolyn Coffin ,Concord


“I got a wonderful surprise yesterday when I came home from work! The chair looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the double piping over the front legs — so elegant — and the shaped seams over the arms are lovely. We are thrilled... and dancing with joy!”
— Wyn Kelley ,Arlington
“I tried to leave a message on your website so I could tell the world how happy I am with my morris chair. Your selection of material and cushion design was perfect. Kevin did an excellent job in the upholstery of the chair and the carpenter did a beautiful job in restoring the wood and cleaning up the brass. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring another piece in. Thank you so much for fixing up my favorite chair.”
— Diane Gulczynski ,Arlington
“I just wanted to thank you for doing a brilliant job on our swivel chair and ottoman! Both pieces came out beautifully and I couldn’t be happier. Please thank Kevin for picking them up and delivering them; that made things a lot easier for me.”
— Jennifer ,Arlington