Spring 2017 class information

Class schedule: 

Monday Day class  @ Upholstery on Broadway

Start and end dates:

April 3rd - May 22nd 

Class #1: 9am - 12pm

Class #2: 1pm - 4pm


Night Class @ Restoration Project

Start and end dates:

Wednesday class: April 5th - May 24th, 6pm - 9pm

Thursday class: April 6th - May 25th, 6pm - 9pm


About Restoration Project: 

Upholstery on Broadway evening classes will be held at Restoration Project, 334 Pleasant St. Belmont MA (route 60) Restoration Project is a Non-Profit vocational rehabilitation program serving adults with mental illness, head injuries, and at risk adolescents. Join U.O.B and Restoration project in a unique outreach opportunity share your good work skills with folks entering or reentering the work force.